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"Ah, beer. The cause of and the solution to all of life's problems." -- Homer Simpson


It's Mariachis first outdoor festival of 2018!  And this one is gonna be a doozy.  We are in the process of gathering some of the best local craft breweries to supply you with an afternoon of of pure beer tasting bliss.  Chef Fernando & crew will be on hand cooking up delicious

egg-centric dishes on our outdoor grill, while you you sway & sip to the sounds of our local acts.  Around 3pm, we will be hosting an Adult Egg Hunt on the Manassas Museum Lawn.  Get your cardio on while scooping up eggs containing coupons, free wine tastings & more!!!

DJ Gringo

Dropping those beats that make you wanna drink, DJ Gringo will provide the soundtrack for your culinary & keg adventures.

Performing 10-2pm

An explosion of blues, rock, funk & reggae are on tap when FOE takes the stage.  If you haven't seen them before, trust us. You're gonna want to see this. 

Performing 3-6pm

more to be announced....

Theres treasure on that there lawn.  Mariachis has partnered with the Manassas Museum & local businesses for our first adult egg hunt!  Ticket holders will have the chance to scoop up free wine tastings, gift cards, brewery tours & more!


draft cocktails

Experience the hip new trend that has everyone talking-  Mariachis & Bell Isle Moonshine bring your craft cocktails in a keg, featuring Honey Habenero & Espresso Moonshine!!

the brews


adult egg hunt

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